(Sunflower seed) Butter Balls…the best snack with the worst name!

I’m telling ya, experimenting can yield the best results! I’ve become a big fan of this cacao ball recipe that I got through a friend at nutrition school and it inspired me to create more healthy and easy snackables.  For the sake of this blog and recipe sharing I really ought to record measurements but sometimes you’ve just got to seize the moment!

Here’s a tasty combo I discovered that has protein, fiber, healthy fats and just a hint of sweetness. Stored in the freezer these are a great thing to reach for in those hungry moments when all your worst cravings take over. Next time I make a batch I’ll update with exact quantities but for now just go for it! Mix up until the consistency is workable (but remember they will get hard in the freezer).

In a bowl combine the following:

sunflower seed butter
sesame seeds (whole)
coconut* (shredded and whizzed in the food processor to make a bit more fine)
crystallized ginger, chopped (the organic stuff is stronger and in my opinion superior)

Make into balls (or blobs!) and store in the freezer in an airtight container.

* unsweetened coconut is obviously going to be the healthier option. For more of a dessert you could use desiccated

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