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About Me


Hello and welcome! My name is Kate McMurray. I am a holistic nutritionist based out of Toronto and my mission is to get you back in the kitchen!

I’m here to provide realistic and personalized solutions to get your body on track and to keep you satisfied with what you’re eating.  I believe in the power of a clean pantry, culinary curiosity, and a good sense of humour. I’m passionate about finding realistic solutions to meet your dietary and lifestyle needs.

My goal is to educate, empower, and ensure that you love your food!

I offer personal consultations, workshops and cooking classes. You can also find me working at The Big Carrot.

One of the most significant factors impacting our health is diet. The food we eat influences not only our physical bodies, but also our emotional and mental wellbeing. A lack of time, knowledge, and resources has disconnected many of us from one of the most fundamental processes of life- feeding ourselves.

My goal is not only to educate people about what food can do to and for our bodies, but also to encourage people to reinvest in their own health by becoming excited about and committed to good food.

Appreciate your body. Nourish it with healthy thoughts and wholesome foods. Feed it with enthusiasm and love. Fuel it with quality nutrients. Know yourself. Know your food. Eat everyday with intention and confidence. Savour the meals you create. Share the foods you love. Make time. Take time. Enjoy every minute!